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Will I lose weight following the No S Diet?

robertstandl :: 27.07.2018 ob 11:54

Due to health concerns my doctor has made it clear to me that I need to at least lose 45 pounds. If I follow the No S Diet faithfully will I lose weight? I have heard this program is great for encouraging healthy habits and while that is important to me. I need weight loss for health reasons. On a totally different subject... I was invited to a buffet resturant today and it was super crowded and it made me feel like a cow. Just come up to the feeding trough and get your fill. I just don't think food should be treated that way. The whole experience was disgusting. I observed people who were morbidly obese including myself and it made me so sad. How we treat our bodies and food so disrespectfully. People were bumping into each other for a piece of chicken. There was every food imaginable yet I felt like a cow instead of a human being. It was a wake up call to me. How I can be so disrespectful towards myself and eat in such a way and its acceptable. I have never felt this way before something clicked today and I was disgusted with myself and what I was associating with.

Please help.

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